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Hampshire Hockey Umpires' Association Personal Awards

Past Presidents

2016-Dave Adams
1984-2015John Gawley MBE
1976-1984Freddie Townsend
1966-1972Don Brownlee
1961-1962R J Kentsbeer

Past Vice Presidents

2000-2001Pete Moss1984-1989Frank Stokes
1998-2000Chris Bond1982-1984John Gawley
1989-1991Dave Pengilley1966-1981F J Foley

Honorary Life Vice Presidents

2017Richard WoodJocelyn Eames
2016Allan NotmanJack Cullingford
2013Rowena ShepherdGill Clarke MBE
2010Frank StokesBrenda Bradford
Margaret HunnaballDave Adams

Past Chairmen

2003-Richard Wood
1961-1962H G Gibbons

Past Vice Chairmen

2016-2017Ginette Tessier
2015-2016Steve Godwin
2013-2015Mike Robinson
2001-2013Rowena Shepherd

Honorary Life Member

2019Chris Bond2013Roy Holcombe
2018Phil Griffiths2006Penne Edwards
2017David Boyle2006David Prideaux

Jon Deri-Bowen Award

Awarded each year to that member of the HHUA who has, in the opinion of the HHUA Council, given great service to umpiring.
2019Roy Holcombe2009Jason Horne2000John Gawley
2018Mick Renfrey2008Chris Horton1999Eddie Waller
2017Steve Godwin2007David Boyle1998David Boyle
2016Frank Stokes2006David Prideaux1997Ian MacGregor
2015Phil Griffiths2005Allan Notman1996Frank Stokes
2014John Gawley MBE2004Richard Wood1995Rob Stamp
2013David Boyle2003Mike Ward1994Mel Smith
2012Roy Woolley2002Claire Wilkinson1993Doug Roberts
2011Chris Horton2001Penne Edwards1992Richard Wood
2010Ginette Tessier2001John Gawley1991Bernard Ayling

Gill Linnell Award

Awarded to the umpire who is an active member of and taking appointments from the Hampshire Hockey Umpires Association, who in the opinion of a selection committee, is the most promising umpire.
The selection committee is to comprise the Chairman of Selectors, the Chief Coach and 3 other Umpire Coaches who, in the opinion of the Chief Coach, have the broadest knowledge of The Association umpires active within the preceding season. The selection should be based on personal opinion supported by coaching reports. In the event of two names being equally supported the President of the Association should arbitrate.
The umpire selected as the most promising should be on the Level One Register and have at least a season’s experience at that level. In general the most promising umpire should be selected from those who have not been more than 5 years at their present standard.
2018-2019Paul Godfrey2010-2011Ginette Tessier
2017-2018Mike Boyne2009-2010Simon Watkins
2016-2017Paul Meacher2008-2009Campbell Reeman
2015-2016Stuart Field2007-2008David Peebles
2014-2015Frankie Tierney2006-2007Ginette Tessier
2013-2014Jim Young2005-2006Ed Matthews
2012-2013Lisa Crack2004-2005David Carter
2011-2012Simon Berendt

Claire Wilkinson Award

Presented to the Young Umpire who has shown the most improvement and promise in the year
2018-2019Not awarded2011-2012Daniel Stewart
2017-2018Emma Whitehouse2010-2011Simone Bendoni
2016-2017Emma Hartley2009-2010Simone Bendoni
2015-2016Aaron Danson2008-2009Adam Payne
2014-2015Howard Chaplin-White2007-2008Jason Ye
2013-2014Alasdair West2006-2007Lia Waine
2012-2013No award

Umpire Developer of the Year

The Coach or Assessor who has been rated most highly in feedback by umpires
2018-2019Richard Wood2012-2013Mike Ward
2017-2018Ginette Tessier2011-2012Phil Griffiths
2016-2017Rob Stamp2010-2011Frank Stokes
2015-2016David Boyle2009-2010Frank Stokes
2014-2015Richard Wood2008-2009Roy Holcombe
2013-2014Graham Paddy2007-2008Rob Stamp

Indoor Umpire of the Year

Awarded to the umpire who is an active INDOOR member of and taking appointments from the Hampshire Hockey Umpires Association, who in the opinion of a selection committee, is the most promising umpire.
2018-2019Howard Chaplin-White
2017-2018Jason Holcombe
2016-2017Lee McEvoy

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