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Hampshire Hockey Umpires' Association
HHUA Constitution (Responsible Person - Secretary)
HHUA Constitution (Amended May 2018)5th Jun 2018
Feedback on Umpires
HHUA Feedback Explained 201611th Jul 2016
HHUA Feedback Report 201611th Jul 2016
Ethics, Discipline and England Hockey Update Links (Responsible Person - Secretary)
England Hockey Code of Ethics 2016

Click title to go to EH Code of Ethics

Disrepute Offence Regulations 20183rd Oct 2018
Disrepute Offence reporting form Sept 183rd Oct 2018
Pitchside Conduct Regulation - 201819th Dec 2018
EH Think Before You Post - Social Networking 20197th Feb 2019
EH Guidance on Concussion

Information is at the EH Website Link

Umpiring Guidance
Recommended Reading List for Umpires and Coaches24th Feb 2014
Player Behaviour and Game Management24th Feb 2014
What if You Are Not Contacted by the Home Team ULO24th Feb 2014
Pitch Preparation24th Feb 2014
Use of Radios in HHUA8th Jun 2016
Sliding tackles - notes for umpires and players12th Jan 2015
Membership (Responsible Person - Membership Secretary)
Benefits of HHUA Membership13th Feb 2019
HHUA Membership Types13th Feb 2019
Who to contact about potential HHUA Membersip13th Feb 2019
HHUA Appointments
HHUA Appointing Policy 2018 - 192nd Jul 2018
What to do if Home Team does not confirm match10th Jan 2019
Panels and Promotion (Responsible Person - Umpire Assessment Manager)
How HHUA Supports Umpires13th Feb 2019
Panel Movement and Assessment13th Feb 2019
HHUA Guide to Scoring13th Feb 2019
Development Group Expectations13th Feb 2019
Umpire Personal Development Plan13th Feb 2019
Red Cards and MMO's
Red Card and MMO Regulations Sep 20179th Feb 2019
Red Card Regulations2nd Sep 2016
Red Card/MMO form (Oct 2017)13th Feb 2018
Advice on completion of RC and MMO Feb 1910th Feb 2019
Red Card Appeal Form 201528th Dec 2016
Rules of Hockey
Rules of Hockey - FIH Outdoor Rules 201721st Aug 2017
Rules of Hockey - FIH Indoor Rules 201721st Aug 2017
How do I...
Enter My Umpiring Availability 1614th Jul 2016
Add a Match to my match history 1614th Jul 2016
Claim Expenses 1614th Jul 2016
Enter match Feedback 1614th Jul 2016
Report a Poor State of Pitch or Venue 1614th Jul 2016
Level 1 Information
How to assess a candidate for Level One24th Feb 2014
Level 1 Qualification Process - 1913th Feb 2019
Level 1 Umpire - notes for pre-course study10th Jan 2019
First Match - Survival Tips10th Jan 2019
Working with Young People
EH Safeguarding Policy

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Pitch & Lighting Requirements
HHA Revised Pitch Lighting Approval Procedure14th Jan 2019
Terms of Reference (Responsible Person - Secretary)
Chairman - 20186th Dec 2018
Secretary - 20186th Dec 2018
Treasurer - 20186th Dec 2018
Membership Secretary - 20186th Dec 2018
Umpire Assessment Manager - 20186th Dec 2018
Umpire Development Manager - 20186th Dec 2018
Chief Developer - 20186th Dec 2018
Shop and Radio Member - 201928th Jan 2019
Non-Portfolio Member - 20186th Dec 2018

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