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Club Details for Tadley (Men)

Clubhouse NameRecreational Society, AWE Aldermaston
DirectionsSee Club Website at www.tadleyhockey.com for directions

Club Contacts

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Umpires Associated with Tadley

(listed by England Hockey Outdoor Umpiring Award)

Club Umpire (Assessed)
James Tanner
No Umpiring Status
Paul Garry

Match Times, Venues and Colours

Tadley (Men)

Saturday 23rd November 2019Hampshire Division 7TadleySouthampton University 5Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15
Saturday 30th November 2019Hampshire Division 7TadleyHaslemere 5Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15
Saturday 11th January 2020Hampshire Division 7Tadley

Hamble 3Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15
Saturday 18th January 2020Hampshire Division 7Southampton 4

TadleySouthampton - Sports Centre - Pitch 113:30
Saturday 25th January 2020Hampshire Division 7Fleet and Ewshot 3

TadleyAldershot - Princes Avenue - Pitch 212:30
Saturday 1st February 2020Hampshire Division 7Tadley

Havant 6Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15
Saturday 8th February 2020Hampshire Division 7Haslemere 5

TadleyHaslemere (Surrey) - Woolmer Hill S.G. Pitch 215:30
Saturday 22nd February 2020Hampshire Division 7Salisbury 4

TadleySalisbury (Wiltshire) - South Wilts Sports Ground14:30
Saturday 29th February 2020Hampshire Division 7Tadley

Winchester 6Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15
Saturday 7th March 2020Hampshire Division 7Southampton University 5

TadleyEastleigh - Wide Lane13:30
Saturday 14th March 2020Hampshire Division 7Tadley

Alton 4Bradfield (Berkshire) - Bradfield College10:15

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