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25th SepUmpire Expenses

Just a reminder that we expect to pay mileage expenses based on the Google Maps mileage which will be shown against your appointment claim. If you need to claim a higher amount, eg for traffic problems/roadworks (and this weeks M27 chaos), PLEASE put in an explanation. The system flags up any discrepancies from Google as a potential dispute and we can hopefully avoid e-mails by having the reason on the system first.
The system does not do mileage for double appointments but you will have your previous claims for those venues to fall back on.

Mike Robinson
HHUA Treasurer

4th SepCongratulations

Two Hampshire umpires picked up SCHUA awards for the 2017/18 season at South Umpires Day on Sunday.
Lauren Mullett was awarded Clubs' umpire of the year for Women's Division 1 of SCWHL.
Jason Holcombe won the award for indoor umpire of the year.
Well done Lauren and Jason.

2nd SepLevel 1 Umpires Course - 14 October - Sonning Hockey Club, Reading, Berkshire

The deadline is Wednesday 3rd October or until full. Places are first come first served and only secure when booked and paid for online. Minimum participants is 14.
Details of the course are as follows:
Date Sunday 14th October
Time 9am-4:30pm
Venue Sonning Hockey Club Sonning Lane Reading, RG4 6ST
Course booking is via the England Hockey website. www.englandhockey.co.uk
For more information contact Dave Peebles

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24th AugPublication of HHUA Umpire Appointments for matches in September 2018

The umpire appointments for the first part of September (Saturday 1st - Sunday 9th) will be published on Saturday 25th August. The umpire appointments for the rest of September will be published on Saturday 8th September. If any members of HHUA or team ULOs have any queries, they should contact David Boyle (re. Saturdays and midweek appointments) or Kevan Tate (re. Sunday appointments).
It is only remains for us to wish all everybody a successful and enjoyable 2018-19 season.

David Boyle, HHUA Saturday & Midweek Appointments Secretary
Kevan Tate, HHUA Sunday Appointments Secretary

16th AugHHUA Umpire Aspirations 2018/19

**For action by Friday August 31 latest**

This email is being sent to all registered Active Umpires this afternoon (16.08.18):

As announced at the HHUA AGM, we are asking ALL HHUA umpires, no matter your level, to assist us in deploying our volunteer resources in development and assessment for the 2018/19 season. Please note this is for OUTDOOR umpiring only at this stage.

This means you will need to decide what you want to achieve from your umpiring, so that we can plan accordingly. There are three groups to choose from:

Development Group: You have aspirations to improve as an umpire by going up in panel or grade. You may not have a clear idea of where you want to get to, but you are keen to push yourself to go as ‘high’ as you can. Alternatively you might have a very clear ambition to reach a certain level. Umpires in this group will be expected to take a large amount of personal responsibility for their own development with the support of HHUA resources. The HHUA aim is to support you as far as we can in achieving your ambitions.

Maintenance Group: You are enjoying umpiring at the level you have reached and although you want to maintain this level for as long as possible, you don’t have any particular aspirations to go higher. You would enjoy being seen as a ‘safe whistle’ in your current panel. Umpires in this group will receive HHUA development / assessment on an ad hoc basis, subject to availability. The HHUA aim is to ensure you have access to support if/when you need it and a minimum of one watching per season as an ‘MOT’.

Alternative Involvement Group: You recognise that these days your body might not always be playing at the same speed as your mind! You might not be ready to step down in panel or hang up the whistle this season, but you would be interested in getting to know more about alternative ways to stay involved such as umpire development (coaching) or assessment. This may mean sometimes you are watching rather than umpiring, but you’d still be umpiring most of the time. The HHUA aim is to make sure your experience as an umpire is not lost if/when you decide to hang up the whistle!

You can assign yourself to a group by following this link, entering your name and ticking your choice:


Results are confidential to you, me and Godders only at this stage. There is a fourth option for if you genuinely aren’t sure what to do and would appreciate a chat about it!

To that end, please note that on Saturday September 8, I will be at Trojans HC from about 9.30am until 4pm watching the various matches there, so if you’d like to catch up with me and chat about your plans, please feel free to find me pitchside or in the clubhouse 😊

Please make your selection in the poll by Friday August 31st LATEST.

NO REMINDER WILL BE SENT: if you do not vote yourself, we will allocate you to the group we think is best for you – this may not be what you want ...

Many thanks

HHUA Umpire Assessment Manager

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5th JulEngland Hockey Tutor Workforce

From David Elworthy - EH Officiating Relationship Manager

July 2018

Hi All

Due to the increase in demand for the entry level Umpiring courses delivered by England Hockey, we are now looking to recruit additional tutors to join the England Hockey Tutor Workforce.

Please find attached a copy of the Job Advert and Description, which has gone live today on the England Hockey website.

I would be most grateful if you could share this with your members with a view of attracting the right calibre of applicant to join the established team.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind Regards
David Elworthy
Officiating Relationship Manager
Direct: 01509 228672 | Mobile: 07712 306967

If you want to talk to someone in the HHUA about this, please contact Dave Peebles or Steve Godwin, contact details are on the HHUA website.

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15th Nov (2017)HHUA Membership Types

Ladies & Gentlemen,

The Management Committee have clarified the meaning of the three membership types laid down in the HHUA Constitution:

Full Member – This membership is intended for umpires who having passed their Level 1 assessment would like to take neutral appointments on behalf of Hampshire. You will have the opportunity to have support by way of coaching and assessments throughout the season along with the option of attending Coaching Days, whereby you are able to watch a match with coaches and mentors to discuss the finer points of umpiring. You will have full access to the HHUA shop through the website where you would be entitled to purchase badged HHUA shirts, in the three primary umpiring colours.
As a full member if you do take regular appointments you will have the loan of a radio which has now become an integral part of umpiring. As a member of HHUA you will be insured for any matches that you umpire.
The cost of this membership type is set to £30.00

Associate Member – This is intended for umpires who wish primarily to umpire for their club. You would be entitled to coaching/mentoring from HHUA if you feel you would benefit from this. You would be covered by HHUA in respect of insurance. This could be a stepping stone with a view to take neutral appointments in the future. If you are waiting to be internally assessed by Hampshire you may only be able to buy an unbadged shirt at this stage.
You will have full access to the HHUA shop through the website whereby you would be entitled to purchase unbadged HHUA shirts.
Associate membership is also suitable for members no longer taking neutral appointments but whom wish to be engaged with the Association.
The cost of this membership type is set to £12.50.

Affiliate Member – The aim of this membership type is for any person who has expressed an interest in umpiring. This is intended for those that are looking to start their umpiring journey but may at this stage not have yet been assessed but has a knowledge of the game having possibly started the Introduction to Umpiring Programme run by England Hockey.
There is no cost for this membership type.

If you have any questions about which category you might fall into, please contact the membership Secretary, Jo Gordon.

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