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4th OctHHUA Members Meeting - Trojans - 26 October 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are planning a Members Meeting on the evening of 26 October 2017, commencing with a curry supper at 1900, and a meeting from 1930-2100.

The evening will be led by the Director of Umpiring, Steve Godwin, with contributions from other Developers and Assessors, and Committee Members.

Subjects to be covered:

Briefing on New Rules
Use of Cards, and option of MMOF
Completion of Red Card/MMO Forms

Report of outcome of AGM Questionnaire

If any member has any other subject they wish discussed, please let the secretary know as soon as possible, so that we can firstly get the answer if necessary and secondly add it to the agenda for the evening so everyone is aware.

Members are requested to inform the Secretary of their planned attendance, for catering purposes.

Phil Gibbs
Hon Secretary

28th SepExciting Opportunities.....

Sundays offer cup matches, can everyone please see if they can be available for a few Sundays and enter your availability as soon as you can. Cup competitions start on the 8th October and run throughout the season.

15th SepChanges to Hockey Rules 2017

Changes to Hockey Rules 2017 - Extract from FIH Website

Based on recommendations made by the FIH Rules Committee, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has released the Rules of Hockey 2017.

EH have stated that the rules will be effective from 1st September 2017 for all EH competitions.

In summary, there have been no major changes to the Rules of Hockey 2015 and the subsequent adjustment to Rule 13.2, which came into force February 2016, has not been formally incorporated.

The Rules of Hockey 2017 do contain a number of adjustments that feature in the already published Rules of Indoor Hockey 2017, as applicable to the outdoor game. The FIH believe that it is crucially important the both sets of rules are aligned as closely as possible and, in keeping with that philosophy, has included these adjustments in the Rules of Hockey 2017.

A summary of the adjustments to the rules of Hockey 2017 can be found below.

• Rule 1.10 No equipment etc. to be placed inside the goals
• Rule 2.1 Clarification that decisions taken prior to correcting a team having more than the permitted number of players on the pitch cannot be changed if time and/or play has already been re-started
• Rule 2.2 Clarifications that any change between goalkeeping option, even for Players with Goalkeeping Privileges, either on or off the pitch, must take place as a substitution
• Rule 4.2 Change of the description of ‘gloves’ to ‘hand protection’; specification of the size of hand protection which may be used. Both for normal play and to defend Penalty Corners; addition of guidance regarding the use of knee pads when defending penalty Corners
• Rule 4.3 Deletion of ‘single’ in colour of Goalkeeper shirt
• Rule 9.8 Adjustment to the guidance to ‘A ball is also considered dangerous …’
• Rule 9.16 Addition into guidance that if a ball hits discarded Penalty Corner defence equipment then a Free Hit will result if outside the circle or a Penalty Corner if inside the circle
• Rule 13.2 The changes to Rule 13.2, which were posted to the FIH website on 16 February 2016 as an adjustment to the previous Rules, are now formally incorporated
• Rule 13.7d Tidying up two paragraphs of repeated guidance concerning the completion of Penalty Corners
• Rule 13.8e Addition of ‘once the whistle has been blown to start the Penalty Stroke’ for no movement of the Goalkeeper’s feet at a Penalty Stroke
• Rule 13.10d Adjustment of the guidance for the caution/carding procedure for a Goalkeeper moving early at a Penalty Stroke, bringing it in line with the Indoor Rule
• Addition of the new ‘Corner’ signal in the Umpiring Signals section.

All changes or clarifications in the Rules of Hockey 2017 are indicated by a line in the left hand margin against the relevant text. To download the Rules of Hockey 2017, click the link.

Given the minimal nature of the changes, it is not the intention to print Rules booklets for this edition of the Rules of Hockey. As usual, National Association are free to reproduce or translate the booklet for distribution or re-sale. Reprints must replicate the appearance of the Rules and incorporate the following text: ‘Reprinted with permission of the International Hockey Federation’. The Rules of Hockey will be posted to the FIH website, into the National Association and Continental Federation Workrooms and e-mailed to FIH listed Umpires, Umpire managers and Officials. FIH is also continuing to investigate alternative methods for the distribution of the Rules of Hockey 2017.

At the link, you will find all the versions of the rules for outdoor, indoor, hockey5’s etc., and a link to Apps for iOS and Android to download the rules onto your mobile devices so you can be assured of having the latest version of the Rules of Hockey available for reference.

If you have any questions on the interpretation of these minor changes, please contact any HHUA Umpire Developer for advice.

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13th SepSCHUA Umpires Awards - HHUA Success!

At the SCHUA AGM, Hants HUA members featured in 5 of the 9 the awards:
Lauren Mullett - Mason Award (Merit/progress in umpiring)
Lia Waine - Gill Linnell Award (Services to South Umpiring)
Rob Stamp -  John Nickerson Award (Coach of the Year)
Lee McEvoy - Indoor Umpire of the year
Tom Marks – Tony White Award (Up and coming umpire of the year)

Congratulations to them all, and may they motivate you all to become the best you can

30th AugGosport HC temporary home

All of Gosport's home matches, except for any pre-agreed changes will be played at Fort Grange HMS SULTAN, Military Road, Gosport for the foreseeable future. Showers are NOT available at this venue.

Visiting teams and umpires need to have team lists and vehicle registration numbers sent by email to our team captains by the Thursday evening preceeding the fixture at the weekend.

Any questions can be directed to me, the Club Secretary. djkebab1975@gmail.com
Donna Sutton

25th AugHHUA Appointments in September 2017 / Umpires to travel in pairs where possible

Could all umpires and teams' umpiring contacts please note that the HHUA umpire appointments for the first half of September (Saturday 2nd - Wednesday 13th inclusive) have already been published. The appointments for the second half of the month Saturday 16th - Saturday 30th inclusive) will be published on or just before Saturday 9th September. Umpires who have already declared themselves available for Saturdays 16th, 23rd and 30th September are asked not to withdraw that availability as there are a lot of matches to cover and barely enough available umpires as things currently stand. Team ULOs are reminded that it is their responsibility to initiate (e-mail) contact with appointed umpires at the very latest by the Sunday preceding the Saturday fixture. The confirmation contact process can then be completed by the Tuesday evening.

Could umpires please make a concerted effort to travel to appointments together in one vehicle where at all possible. The advantages of such practice are fourfold:(1) This saves the Association (and ultimately the clubs) valuable funds, (2) The mileage rate per mile for the driver is slightly higher, (3) The environment is spared the emissions of one of the two vehicles, and perhaps the most important one of all, (4) the two umpires have the opportunity to "bond" before the match, arriving simultaneously as the third team at the venue and ready for their pre-match preparation. The HHUA Chairman, Treasurer and I thank all HHUA umpires in advance for their cooperation in this matter.

It only remains for me to wish all teams and all HHUA umpires an enjoyable and successful season.

David Boyle, HHUA Saturday & Midweek Appointments Secretary

8th AugWomen's Hockey World Cup 2018

Message from David Elworthy, Officiating Officer, England Hockey:

As you may be aware, England Hockey are hosting the Women’s Hockey World Cup in 2018 at Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre.

Over the upcoming weeks, we will be releasing information about the ticketing ballot for individuals to register and purchase tickets for this major event. Our marketing is mainly aimed at club members, however as we are all involved in associations where individuals may not be “attached” to one club, could I please ask that this is shared to your members as all umpires are part of the “Hockey Family”.

You can enter the ballot before it goes public on 19 August, by clicking on the link below.

For more information or if you have any questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Many thanks for your help.

Kind Regards,

David Elworthy
Officiating Officer
Direct: +44 (0)1509 228672
Mobile: +44 (0)7712 306967

England Hockey
The Hockey Pavilion,
Loughborough University
Ashby Road
LE11 3TU


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18th JulNPUA Members fitness test - South Region

NPUA have arranged for NPUA, SCHUA and HHUA umpires to be able to run a fitness test at Trojans HC this Saturday 22nd starting at 12. Please arrive at 11.45 for registration and to confirm whether you wish to do Beep or Cooper test.
Rob Jenkins and Ady Green are the contacts

15th JunHHUA Awards 2017

HHUA Awards 2017
The President of the Association presented the annual awards at the AGM:
Young Umpire of the Year Emma Hartley
Indoor Umpire of the Year Lee McEvoy
Most Promising Umpire Paul Meacher
Coach of the Year Rob Stamp
John Deri-Bowen Award Steve Godwin

The President also presented the following awards for 2016:
Life Membership David Boyle
Honorary Life Vice-President Richard Wood

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